Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Top

Hooray, I've finally sewn my quilt blocks together!

I've dusted off the sewing mojo and have been reunited with my sewing machine! I snapped the following photo as I was deciding on the block arrangement, never intending anyone to see it. Then, I decided to share it on Instagram, at which point I realized it was the only photo I had of the blocks before I started sewing on the sashing, so it is being posted here in all its fuzzy glory anyway.  

I managed to get the sashing and setting stones sewn on yesterday. Today I've finished up and took some less-fuzzy photos, albeit with cloudy conditions and almost zero light.  I just can't win with photography in the sewing room.

Dark-ish room today as we received some much needed rain and cooling off.  And can I just tell you how much I LOVE my new glass storm door? So much new light!

All eight rows sewn together and the sofa helping out today.

Some of the seams line up, some don't.  All I care about is how much fun I have in the process and I am having so much fun with this quilt.  I can't help but laugh at how cute this one is!

Now I'm off to work on the borders!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Magical Canvas

Well, here it is, my first completed mixed media canvas!

A few photos to illustrate the progression:

The scroll was made using an un-inked stamping wheel rolled through wet paint.

Practicing my script

Close-up so you can see my glitter obsession.


Throughout the class (which I will post about later), we came up with personal mantras.  I have so many I could have used, and this one actually came up towards the end.  It pretty much sums me up:  I'm philosophical; I ask questions of the Universe without flinching. I love to think and feel my way through life, to find my own path.  I also have a deep and abiding respect for the magic of the Earth, the energy of life, the Goddess that is Mother Nature.  I have found within myself that with holds all of me together, and this little phrase sums it up beautifully.  It reminds me that I can be magical while keeping my feet on the ground.  

Hello, Me! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mixed Media Mantras

I have made my entry into the world of mixed media art!  I've always thought it looked like great fun, so I found a class and got started.  I will write more specifically about the class in a later post, I would like to finish up first so I can give an accurate accounting.

This particular class appealed to me on a higher level. Higher level has such a deep and different meaning to me now.  This journey of soul searching and religious study has really enhanced the way I view things (yep, another post that needs writing). I am having a wonderful time with this class and welcome all I have learned, the pros and cons, the good and the bad.

The one thing about this though - I have paint all over my hands and can't really snap any photos! I'm not terribly keen on painting my camera buttons, but I'm trying to figure that out so I can share what I'm doing.  I did, however, take a quick pic of my first mantra when I finally did begin to put the paint on the canvas.

This is a phrase that used to come up a lot when I was hell-bent on my yoga studies. I knew what it meant, and I applied it to my yoga practice; however, with painting it has come to mean something completely different, and I am mighty pleased about this discovery.  Many, many parts of myself are starting to feel more cohesive.

This was the beginning of the work on my canvas. Rather bleak, but it has evolved drastically. While I know some folks in the class crank out numerous canvases, I deliberately chose to work on only one, applying myself to learning the process.  Now that I'm a bit further in, I feel ready for more. As it happens, I finished up this particular canvas earlier this afternoon as the door installer was finishing up my new door to my sewing/crafting room.  Cool, huh?

More to come . . .

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sewing and Craft Room Progress

I've had to put the sewing room redo on hold for a bit.  Back-to-school is making me a bit nutty this year.  Instead of pens, pencils, folders, cute shoes, etc., we've had to buy a laptop, pay lab fees, and complete AP packets.  My daughter is what you'd call an Academic, she loves learning and adores school. I'm a proud mom, but an exhausted one.  We're both extremely excited for the school year to begin, new experiences all around.  For me, the newness is that for the first time since my children started school, I will not be driving anyone to school in the morning. Weird!

Anyway, we've only got one more thing to accomplish this week, which means I can get back to my sewing room, get the moving completed, and get back to sewing and painting. I've got a quilt to finish!

Here is what the room looked like last week:

I've still got some tidying to do, pictures to hang, and a window covering to figure out.  I am also going to remove that beige Contact paper from the front of the desk and either paint it or apply a different paper. Or perhaps a fabric skirt?  Decisions, decisions . . .

I am happy that everything is finally coming together and it's beginning to feel organized. I can remember where everything is, too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Watercolor Chart

One thing that I've been meaning to do is to make a chart with my watercolors.  I sat down Sunday and finally did just that.

I poked around online and found a few that were aesthetically pleasing to me, and finally settled on a simple grid format. I like simple!

My daughter, the math lover, asked if she could make the grid. She graphed it out, leaving some space on the left hand side of the paper just in case I wanted to paint a small design there later. You never know!  I currently have sixteen colors, all are Winsor & Newton Professional. 

The center diagonal line marks the true colors, straight from the palette.  All of the other colors are mixed with the intersecting color, a blend of two colors.

It takes quite a bit of time to complete the chart, about two hours.  There is a lot of mixing of colors, and a lot of clean-up once my palette is full up. I also wanted to move slowly as to not mess up.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this process.  I gasped in surprise at the colors combinations, never really expecting a few of the resulting mixtures.  This is why you make a chart! 

And it's not just about the color combinations either. I saw first hand the way some colors behave when mixed, and how they dry.  I learned, fairly quickly, that I'm not a fan of Cerulean Blue. While it's a lovely color on its own, it just doesn't play nice when blended.  

I'm going to hang this on my wall next to my desk as a reference, and just to stare at because it's pretty!