Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Yuletide Watercolor

Hello again. A bit of a blogging break was in store as I reclaimed my creative mojo. I've got a few projects to share now, beginning with a bit of holly jolly watercolor.

These first photos show my process of sketching out the design. The photo below is actually more indicative of how they end up. When and if I sketch out the design, I erase until the sketch is barely visible, making the finished painting less muddled.

I absolutely loved it at this point, but I didn't feel it was quite finished. I had initially planned on painting a holly wreath, but it just didn't feel like a wreath anymore. A light popped on in my brain, I felt I needed to paint a candle. I've never painted a candle, so felt it would be a good challenge.

When the candle was complete, I immediately had second thoughts about it, which caused me to fuss a bit, but I think it turned out alright for a first attempt. I added some white gouache for snow as a finishing touch. A gentle glow was needed, so I added some spatter to indicate light. Oh my, I love to splatter!

Anyone else playing with paint and yuletide themes?  I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Butterfly Chase

I started a new canvas with the intention of including a face.  I have seen some fantastic mixed media work lately and wanted to try some of it. 

I began with a 12x16-inch canvas board and just started smooshing the paint around, then adding papers. 

I recently purchased some Color Shine and wanted to try it - um, not a fan, it smears horribly.

Toned it all down with some zinc white and a brayer. I added some stamping here and there with white paint.

Grabbed my Stabilo All pencil and started sketching.  I still can't believe I can draw anything, let alone a discernible face! 

I made several teeny changes, then started to fill in the facial features.

Then I went to bed for three days with a chest cold. 

I got back to work yesterday and added more elements and ephemera.  I jokingly told my husband my canvas was starting to look like some sort of fictional advertisement for Mother Nature's annual butterfly chase.  It made me laugh and we had fun "organizing" the fictional butterfly chase in our minds, but I liked the thought so much, I just went with that feeling, and I was extremely pleased with the results. 

"You are totally and completely awesome."

I'm mighty surprised how butterflies continue to show up in my work lately. I won't read too much into it, I just notice for now.  

I might add some shading tomorrow once everything is dry, but again, I'll just wait and see what it tells me in the morning.  

Have gorgeous day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Painting, Painting, Painting!

Although I've posted about quilts these past days, there isn't a day that has gone by when I haven't had some sort of paint in hand - or more likely on the hands.

I just LOVE painting!

Acrylics, watercolor, and collage-style artwork.  Love!

I'm currently taking a Craftsy class which teaches color mixing, and look, I'm getting pretty good at green! The color charts are heaven.

New easel, which was christened with blue paint shortly after taking this photo.  I stupidly put a paper towel under the canvas, which stuck to the canvas as soon as paint got onto it.  Then, even more stupidly, I threw it onto the floor where my dog started to chew on, turning his white fur blue.

Masterson Sta-Wet palette!  True love, I tell you.  If you paint with acrylics, get one!  The paint stays moist for days and days, making painting sessions easier to jump into and eases paint waste. A wonderful discovery for me.

And, of course, a sampling of watercolor.  Another wreath! I love painting wreaths, they are a form of instant painting gratification for me.  This time, I tried not to be so symmetrical about it.  I wanted an autumn feel, so I just went with whatever came to mind, adding elements from the other wreaths I've seen lately.

While I have been painting and sewing, I've also spent some time solely on the room I work in.  I posted HERE about my desire to change things up a bit, and again HERE as I began working on the problem. The room is starting to take shape, the subsequent energy is, well, energizing, and I'm excited to get things into place.  Look for a post about that, coming soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Granny Square Quilt Finish

And finally, the Granny Square quilt is completely done!

I started this quilt at the beginning of 2015, hoping to fly right through it.  You can read about its birth HERE. The blocks hung on the design wall for several months. Don't they look pretty?

Well, I did indeed finish the top of the quilt, but then the Farm Girl Vintage book and quilt along came up and I tucked this poor quilt top onto a shelf in the sewing room.  When I took the Farm Girl quilt to the long-arm quilter, I decided to get them both quilted at the same time.

I used up the remainder of the strips to make some very scrappy binding, which has also sat on a shelf for months!

While sewing the blocks I got it into my head that the quilting absolutely needed to be pink. I have no clue why my heart was telling me that, and my quilter even wondered at my insistence - but look how darling it is!  I LOVE the pink! Hooray for following your heart!

This morning I enjoyed my morning cuppa snuggled under this quilt.  It's a small-ish size, only 48" x 60", perfect for hanging on the back of my favorite arm chair. Now it's all ready for the cold months ahead!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Finish

Well, here it is, in all its quilty goodness!  My Farm Girl Vintage sampler quilt is finally finally finished.

I was so excited to get the binding completed that I snapped a few photos indoors on the sewing room floor.

The weather cooperated for a while (there is a bit of snow in those mountains this morning) for me to take some pictures outside. My husband is behind the fence holding it up.

As I type this, the quilt is tumbling in the washing machine - those quilts get starched so much they could almost stand up themselves!  In a short time, it will be all soft and lovely and ready for snuggling.

This was a HUGE project for me, being a relatively new quilter, but completely worth it. I will most likely sew up another FGV project using my favorite blocks, I'm thinking some sort of wall hanging. I am, after all, a bit of  farm girl (I have chickens and bees ya know!).